Copy of Email from Parish Clerk 17 May ‘At the Parish Council meeting last night, it became clear that many parishioners are unaware of the alternative options that Highways England considered before putting forward the proposed route(which is option 8/8B + NFS).

This information is contained within the 140+ pages of the technical assessment available on the website but for convenience, I have scanned the relevant pages which are attached. I hope that you may find this information useful. I would remind you however, that at this stage, there is only one route proposed to take further.’ Gillian Midworth (Parish Clerk) Link to extract from the full Technical Appraisal A358 Options – Report Extract

NOTE The main HE website link for the Taunton~Southfields part of the scheme is: https://highwaysengland.citizenspace.com/he/a358-taunton-to-southfields/ This HE webpage also contains references to the full Technical Appraisal Report and other documents. Links to these documents are given below for convenience. Robert Wheatley (WHPC Website admin) Environmental constraints map Route map Consultation brochure Questionnaire Technical Appraisal Report