Neighbourhood Watch – NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVE

This web page gives details of contacts and important news concerning the Neighbourhood Watch areas in West Hatch Parish. Existing arrangements for keeping parishioners informed will continue, but notices may also be posted on the website.

The Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the United Kingdom is a partnership where people come together to make their communities safer. It involves the Police, Community Safety departments of local authorities, other voluntary organisations and, above all, individuals and families who want to make their neighbourhoods better places to live. It aims to help people protect themselves and their properties and to reduce the fear of crime by means of improved home security, greater vigilance, accurate reporting of suspicious incidents to the police and by fostering a community spirit.

Click link to view details of local ASPA Community Officers (not working August 2022). West Hatch is included in the Neroche area

There are vacancies for Local Coordinators in many areas of the Parish.
The role of the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator is to set up and maintain a Neighbourhood Watch scheme within a specific street, neighbourhood or area. They will need to be in contact with the crime prevention co-ordinator at their nearest police station who will help clarify what is involved and the initial steps to take.

AreaCoordinator Name and Contact Details
Meare Green(none in post  at present)
Slough Green(none in post  at present)
West HatchPeter Baverstock
West Hatch (Upper)(none in post  at present)
Oldway Lane (part)
Griffin Lane
(none in post  at present)