Parish Meetings

A Parish Meeting is different from a Parish Council Meeting.

Under the Local Government Act 1972, a Parish Meeting should be held between 1st March and 1st June. These Meetings are an opportunity for parishioners to get together to discuss local issues; and sometimes to hear a guest speaker talking on a parish related subject.

Within West Hatch, the ‘Annual Parish Meeting’ is normally scheduled for  the same day as the ‘Annual Meeting of the Parish Council’ .

However, a Parish Meeting can occur at other times and be convened by either:

  • the chairman of the parish council, or
  • any two parish councillors for the parish, or
  • any six local government electors for the parish

It should be noted that there is usually an opp0rtunity at all Parish Council Meetings for a parishoner to bring an item to the attention of the Council.

Links to all the stored records of Minutes and Agendas of recent Parish Meetings appear below: